About Birchwood Bridal

Birchwood Bridal has been in existence since the summer of 2016. We began as Maggi Bridal Asheville, a sister boutique to our Raleigh location, Maggi Bridal, that was started in 2011. In 2023 we finally changed our name to Birchwood Bridal after our namesake of birch trees that have decorated our boutique all these years. Our ownership has remained the same as has our heart. We may have gone through many changes over the years, bringing new life to the boutique, yet we’ve always stayed true to our heart. Above all, we want to help women feel more beautiful than ever before as they become a bride. 

Introducing Birchwood Bridal

The ambience of our bridal boutique is warm and welcoming with nature inspired accents amidst our intimate space. The boutique is meant to provide an inviting atmosphere with a warm aesthetic in hopes of offering ultimate comfort for our brides and their guests. We operate by appointment so we can take one bride at a time and truly be prepared to give her the best service we can, this way each bride can have a private experience.

It’s a Unique Experience

Our sister boutique was first conceptualized in 2010 and opened its doors in early 2011. Since the year 2013, Maggi Bridal was honored to receive The Knot’s “Best of Weddings Award” and at the end of 2017 we received The Knot’s Hall of Fame award for our five years for winning that award consecutively. Birchwood Bridal has also been receiving the Best of Awards since 2017. These, and many other awards, would never hate been possible without the help of all our devoted brides who shared their experiences and praise with our future brides. We cannot thank you enough for your continued love and support!

Everyone is Welcomed

We are our queer founded, owned, and operated bridal boutique. We want to create an environment where our bride and all our guests feel welcome and see themselves represented throughout their experience with us. This is done through the products we sell and how we reflect ourselves.

Love is love and always will be!